Thursday, July 13, 2017

Useful Command for cluster management

#Commands to check cluster health
Check whether ResourceManager & NodeManager are running or not (Part of HDFS and YARN)
ps -ef | grep -i manager
Check whether NameNode, DataNode & SecondaryNameNode are running or not
ps -ef | grep -i node
HDFS services running under this user (NameNode, DataNode & SecondaryNameNode service)
ps -fu hdfs
YARN services running under this user (ResourceManager & NodeManager service)
ps -fu yarn
To search commands using VI history
set -o vi
jdbc:mysql://quickstart.cloudera.3306 --> JDBC URL
hdfs://quickstart.cloudera:8020 --> NameNode URL
#Check service running
cat /etc/passwd (it will list all available users)
sudo -u yarn jps (to list hdfs services)
sudo -u hdfs jps (to list yarn services)
sudo -u hdfs jps
sudo -u yarn jps
#EOF usage
hive <<EOF
show databases;
show tables;
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