Friday, January 13, 2017

Hive Quiz 3

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Hi One and all welcome to hive practice session ..
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Hive 2: Hive Quiz 3
1. The default delimiter in hive to separate the element in STRUCT is

2. in hive when the schema does not match the file content
It cannot read the file
It reads only the string data type
It returns null values for mismatched fields.
it throws an error and stops reading the file

3. The query "SHOW DATABASE LIKE 'h.*' ; gives the output with database name
containing 'h.'
containing h in their name
ending with h
starting with h

4. The tables created in hive are stored as
a subdirectory under the database directory
a .java file present in the database directory
a hdfs block containing the database directory
a file under the database directory

5. An element in a STRUCT column in hive is referred by

6. The performance of an aggregate query is improved by setting which of the following property as true?

7. The CONCAT string function in Hive can concatenate
only 2 strings
any number of strings
only strings of equal length
any number of paired strings

8. The clause used to limit the number of rows returned by a query is

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